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Some memories from the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018

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The team brought back some memories (Including Rafa Nadal !) from the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018. The Cannes Yachting Festival is one of the biggest boat shows in Europe, with more than 500 new models on the water, including several world premieres.

Thank you everyone for your participation #TanOrient

The delivery has been confirmed ! #Lagoon450S #Congrats #UAE #TanOrient

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Replacing a catamaran that has come to be seen as a benchmark is no easy task. But the VPLP architects, in partnership with Lagoon and the celebrated Nauta Design studio, have been brilliantly successful in creating the 450.
The 450 is now available in 2 versions: FlyBridge or SporTop.

Highlights of the 2017 Dubai International Boat Show

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The event this year was very special ! The show has reached its 25th year milestone.

Maritime businesses from the UAE and abroad are celebrating positive early sales at the Dubai International Boat Show and expect to close a number of deals

How to begin a new life with a Lagoon

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The selection of Lagoon catamarans is absolutely unique and it is definitely the most complete and heterogeneous one on the market today ! Dream bigger than ever like these new owner of a Lagooon 630 MY.

Arrival of the Lagoon 630 in Dubai !

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This brand new Lagoon 630 MY is prepared so that nothing can move on board and that all elements are identified to have make delivery easier.

The boat delivery to the port of loading is thus typically made by motoring. The favourite ports for the Lagoon catamarans are: Zeebrugge (for Asia), Antwerp, Rotterdam, Southampton (for North America), Le Havre.

When the ship reaches its destination, it then becomes a conventional preparation and delivery of the boat as we do it in France.

To make a long story short, anywhere you are in the Middle East, your Lagoon can be sent to you !

Lagoon 630 MY - Delivery


The delivery of a boat: An undeniable source of happinessletters !

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The delivery of a boat is a milestone in the life of an owner. Whether at Les Sables d’Olonne in the case of Lagoons of less than 46 feet, or Bordeaux for the larger models, the Lagoon delivery teams devote all their energy to ensure that this moment is one of happiness for the new owner.

Nicolas Rousseau, of the Lagoon handover team in Bordeaux, explains these stages to us.

The delivery of a boat - Lagoon catamaran

Setting a handover date

The production department gives us boats’ ex-works availability dates, so that we can draw up a provisional handover schedule. Then the sales department advises the distributors, so they can inform their customers.

Preparation of the boat

From the time a boat leaves the factory, we have 10 working days to deliver her to the future owner. Within 5 days of leaving the production line, the despatch team, managed by Stéphane Gallot Lavallée, prepares her, steps the mast and launches her. Then we have 5 days for final preparations and tests at the pontoon. It’s the despatch team that undertakes these preparations, in accordance with a fifty-page testing schedule, listing all the items to be tested (air conditioning, electrical systems, autopilot, etc.).

The delivery team then performs a pre-delivery inspection from the customer’s point of view, in accordance with another checklist. We test everything and draw up a list of adjustments to be undertaken by the despatch team.

Handover to the distributor

In conjunction with the distributor, we draw up a handover report that enables verification of conformity between the boat delivered and the boat ordered. The distributor may express concerns, which we address prior to delivery to the owner.

Handover to the owner

Two days later, the customer arrives and finally takes possession of his boat. We make him welcome, together with his distributor. Generally, it’s a very special time and we always pay special attention to the owner, who is officially becoming a member of the Lagoon family. It’s always a very emotional moment, a happy moment, that I love above all else. It must be super! After each boat has left, we hand the file over to the customer service teams so that the boat can be provided with support services, even far from the boatbuilding yard, in conjunction with the distributor.

What determines a good handover?

A boat, a distributor and an owner that are organised to arrive on time (the days of work before the hand over to the distributor are very important). All of this greatly contributes to the success of the handover.

Source : Lagoon Mag

The 100th Lagoon 620

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On 25 February, the 100thLagoon 620 left the plant with great ceremony! The sale of 100 boats in this category is a real success, which the Lagoon teams immortalised in the shipyard with a «family» photo including all the men and women who contributed to the construction and the success of this handsome vessel.

This 620, after spending a few weeks at La Rochelle, will go to sea on a cargo vessel, heading for Port Kelang in Malaysia, where her new owner awaits. A splendid cruising programme with family and friends awaits her, between Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

The 100th Lagoon 620

Source : Lagoon Mag

Lagoon Announces the Seventy 8 Power Catamaran

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Lagoon, which just had the premiere of its Seventy 7 catamaran at the Cannes Yachting Festival in early September, has announced plans for a Seventy 8 power catamaran that will debut in 2017.

The Lagoon Seventy 8 is the motoryacht version of the Lagoon Seventy 7. The seventy 7, with a taste for adventure, relishing her contact with the sea and with nature. There is also a motor catamaran, the senty 8, with a more urbane stye, retaining the masculinity of the engine and the soul of an alluring voyager. The Lagoon Seventy 8 will have a length overall of 78 feet 1 inch, with a beam of 36 feet 1 inch. Exterior design is by Patrick le Quément with interiors by Nauta Design.

Where to learn more about the Lagoon Seventy 8 : Check out the website here.

Source : Lagoon Mag & Yachting magazine

Lagoon Seventy 8 - Coming soon

What Happened in Cannes Yachting Festival 2016

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The 2016 Cannes Yachting Festival drew to a close on Sunday 11th September having welcomed 630 boats, a record number for Europe’s largest in-water show. We were also pleased to represent the Tan 66 and our trading partners, Lagoon, CNB, Hanse, Moody and Dehler.

Boasting 191 new models, more than any other show, the Cannes Yachting Festival cemented its position as the leader in innovation and product launches.

It was a brilliant experience and we were pleased to discover the latest innovation in the industry.

Launch of SEVENTY 7

The highlight for me was the lauch of the first SEVENTY 7 built by Lagoon. The SEVENTY7 is both a great reception yacht and an easy and fast sailing boat. Designed by putting people at the heart of the process, it’s the gentle giant of the Lagoon family.


The Cannes Yachting Festival reaffirmed its status as the number one boat show internationally for multihulls.