September 17, 2017 - The Gran Turismo 50 nominated European motor boat 2018 !

The new Gran Turismo 50 is the flagship of the range, and, from hull to deck, she is the epitome of the sport cruiser spirit with a very distinctive look. Hardtop or Sportfly, the Gran Turismo flagship is full of surprising innovations. A sensational and thrilling sport cruiser, the distinctive new Gran Turismo 50 has plenty to appeal to anyone with a passion for beautiful objects.

Beneteau Seayo Control – New onboard assistant

The new Seayo Control is making a debut on leisure craft. Equipping the recent Gran Turismo 50, this technology operates many of the boat’s functions and is intuitive and easy to use. Inspired by the onboard computers of the car industry, this innovation confirms Beneteau’s commitment to simplifying sailing and opening it up to everyone.

Simple and safe

Seayo Control can be accessed via the boat’s navigation screen or a tablet connected to the boat’s Wi-Fi router and it unites all the functions onboard on the same web interface. Completely secure, this system is based on multiplexing and has been present on racing boats for a number of years. Who knows whether Armel Le Cleac’h would have won the last Vendée Globe without the help of this valuable onboard assistance.

This important step towards simplifying the use of boats makes navigation, makes you feel safe and enhances your lifestyle aboard. It can be compared with the way in which onboard computers in cars have enhanced the pleasure of driving.