November 30, 2019 - The Flyer range renewal continues

“Day boats for ultimate pleasure!”

The new Flyer range renewal continues and its watchwords are elegance, ergonomics, habitability and cruising comfort. The Flyer 6 will shortly be shown at the upcoming Nautic boat show in Paris, in December.

The transformation of the BENETEAU day boat family has come to an end. The Flyer 6 is the last renewal of the range, bringing this 18-month redesign period of the Flyer 6, 7, 8 and 10 to an end, and it is due to be shown at the upcoming Nautic boat show in December. These new boats are more modern, elegant and spacious, even though there has been no change in size. Each sporting the well-known Flyer signature, loved by owners, they stand out for their innovative features and the comfort they offer underway.

“We offered a sporty line with a distinctively aggressive style when we developed the previous range.We decided to keep a strong identity, emphasizing the boat’s sporty powerful look, but softening her lines.We think that our customers will like her” says Michaël Guinet, outboard product manager at BENETEAU.

Driving pleasure at its best

All the boats have more space on board, in terms of deck area and cabin space for the boats with live-aboard features. Accessibility has also been improved for families, further enhancing safety and cruising comfort. The inline 4  cylinder and  Suzuki v6 engines – the full line ranges from 70 hp to 350 hp – offer power and reliability, running smoothly and silently. They are highly innovative and fuel efficient, and Flyer owners love them for their environment-friendly features.

“This second generation of Flyers underlines the maturity of the entire range. We have kept the original sporty look, emphasizing her vitality, but with greater harmony in the style. We have optimized everything by increasing the deck area and offering greater modularity, keeping the bench seats that convert to a sunbathing area.The new Flyer range is at its best underway at sea, with the Flyer 7, 8, 10 – and soon the Flyer 6 – offering real boating pleasure in all circumstances.The Flyer 10  is a concept apart, at the top end of the Flyer range, but in some ways approaching the highly-regarded “Gran Turismo” range” says Michaël Guinet.

The full range will be on show at the upcoming Nautic boat show in Paris, from 7 to 15 December.