Owner Oceanis 38.1
Beneteau Sailing monohull


– Why did you choose Tan Services?

Honesty is what I experienced with Tan Services. They were engaged and pretty much straight forward. One would feel the professionalism from the first meeting as the knowledge and in depth experience is pretty much present.

– What did you like about our service?

The follow up especially after sales which is quite important for yachters. Whatever information required from the manufacturer was provided via Tan team at once.

– If you were to recommend Tan services, how would you describe the way we provided our service to you?

The service was very professional and consistent as such.

– Do you have anything to say about Xavier Bouin?

Xavier is a remarkable sailor in the first place. In addition to his passion to sailing he took onboard the representation of Oceanis and with his input I am sure the brand will expand here more and more in Dubai.

– Is there anything you’d like to add?

I am sure Tan would positively change the perception of Oceanis and presence in the market.