May 9, 2018 - « The Sea Drive Concept » by Beneteau & Peugeot

Jointly developed by Peugeot Design Lab and Beneteau’s design office, the motorboat driving concept called the “Sea Drive Concept” is now being shown worldwide.

Following the recent boat shows (in Paris and Düsseldorf), the demonstrator was shown at the 88th International Motor Show in Geneva and more recently the Beijing show in China, the biggest automobile marketplace in the world.

The Sea Drive concept* was shown to the public on a brand new stand, along with other items designed and produced by the Peugeot Design Lab. It was given pride of place in Geneva, close to the lion monument that is both the symbol of the car brand and its ambassador.

*The Sea Drive Concept, developed for BENETEAU by PEUGEOT, explores the boat driving station of the future. It combines the intuitive handling of the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® (small steering wheel, head-up display with digital touchscreen) with Ship Control® smart technology. This on-board computer, developed by BENETEAU, is an aid to navigation and life on board.