November 19, 2020 - On course to win Multihull of the Year 2021 – Lagoon

As every year, the international magazine Multihulls World is offering you a competition between the newest two (and three) hulled yachts. The target award is the Multihull of the Year! For this 2021 edition, we are pleased to announce that the SIXTY 5 has been nominated in the category of sailing catamarans over 55 feet!

The particularity of this award is that it depends on you! Yes, you, all sailors, whether you are professional or amateur, freshwater sailor or ocean crossing aficionado, captain or deckhand… In short, you’ve understood that everyone has the right to vote!  

The teams from the turquoise brand are inviting the great Lagoon family to mobilize to elect their favorite catamaran!

To get to know this exceptional catamaran better, we’re offering you a guided tour with Martina Torrini, Product Design Manager at Lagoon:

Does the SIXTY 5 make you dream of escape? Of voyaging (but being at home)? And do you imagine yourself in lockdown on board? Share your opinions, and support this catamaran!

To do so, nothing could be simpler: vote

Thank you for your support!