March 20, 2021 - Lagoon 55 – behind the scenes

The Lagoon 55 was conceived by passionate designers, for lovers of the sea in search of freedom.

Lagoon has been a pioneer in the catamaran world, ever since the launch of its very first model in 1987, which was called… the Lagoon 55. It’s magical to find this original name again!

The Lagoon brand has drawn on its DNA and combined audacity and generosity to offer you a new generation catamaran with unique characteristics.

Two years have passed between the first discussions about a 55-foot Lagoon catamaran and its launch at the end of February 2021, from the quayside on the Garonne river. Passionate men and women have put their know-how, their ideas and their motivation at the service of the Lagoon brand to create a catamaran that will meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s sailors.

Seeing this catamaran under sail is the culmination of quite a journey for the Lagoon teams! To celebrate the launch, they’re taking you behind the scenes. The shipyard is opening its doors and invites you to experience the genesis of the Lagoon 55 project.

Come on board!