May 5, 2014 - Interview with the Manager of North Sails France, Bruno Dubois – Tan 66

When Tan Orient decided to design and to think about the Tan 66 sailing catamaran, we had to work with the best people and the best equipment. At this moment we thought about North Sails. We are proud to work with North Sails because for us, North Sails is the best sail company in the world.

North Sails build sails but not only. They also work on the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) which is the engine above the deck and all studies between the mast, sails and the hardware.

Their specialty for the Tan 66 is the 3Di which is very high product. They use it for the America’s Cup and Vendée Globe on SuperYatch. It is really good for durability and holding shape.
3Di is a unique, patented sailmaking technology that allows laminated sails to approach the balanced loadbearing and shapeholding of a rigid airfoil. In simplified technical terms, 3Di is a flexible composite membrane built from pre-impregnated spread filament tapes applied in multiple axes and thermo-formed on a 3D (3DL) mold.

Tan Orient decided to choose the 3Di which is today the best sail available on the market. The Tan 66 will be an unprecedented concentration of technology for a cruising catamaran.

Furthermore North Sails have facilities in Vannes (Morbihan, France). The Tan 66 will be also built in Lorient (Morbihan, France) by VPLP. It makes the main features of the boat « made in Morbihan » which is a really good point for us because the Morbihan is a field of sailing. Morbihan is the setting of sailing races: the Ouest-France Bouygues Telecom SPI, the Gulf Week, the Clairefontaine Trophee, the Mille Sabords show

You can discover the interview of Bruno Dubois on the Tan 66 YouTube Channel.