November 13, 2016 - A lauching slip for Lagoon in Bordeaux (France)

After 6 months of work and the removal of 2,500 m³ of silt, the Lagoon launching slip is now operational. in the 1900s, it allowed the launching of large vessels of over 5,000 tonnes. Indeed, the large Lagoon production site occupies the site of former shipyards dating back to the 19thcentury! Today, all Lagoon catamarans built in Bordeaux, from the 52 to the future Seventy 7, go down this slipway to enter the Garonne.

It is very simple to use:

  • The boat is lifted by her bridgedeck, using the boatlift (submersible handling equipment) ;
  • The entire outfit moves down the middle of the slipway ;
  • The boat is levelled up by means of hydraulic jacks, and then the descent continues until the catamaran’s draught is reached.

Lauching slip - Lagoon (Bordeaux)

At this stage, only the boatlift’s engine and machinery compartment are out of the water, all the rest is immersed. The despatch teams then check watertightness and commission the engines.

  • When everything is operational, the hydraulic jacks supporting the boat are lowered, allowing it to float ;
  • The boat can then go astern into the main stream of the River Garonne in order to dock on the pontoon ;
  • The machine then returns empty.

This rehabilitation, a nod to former occupants of the site, bears witness to Bordeaux’ shipbuilding heritage.

Source : Lagoon Mag